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Cartoons By Martha Gradisher

Ensure your readers are entertained with cartoons from Martha Gradisher Portfolio. Martha is a talented illustrator, who enjoys making people laugh. As a caricature artist, she creates unique images for books, newspapers, and other companies in New York City as well as nationwide. She even draws personalized avatars for use in apps.


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Multi-Use Diverse Images

As an artist, Martha has an extensive range, so her work is perfect for a number of uses. The digital copies can be used on business websites to promote products and catch your readers' attention. They can also be used to entertain.

Receiving Your Artwork

There are several ways to obtain a Martha Gradisher cartoon. If you are visiting her at a scheduled art show, her originals are up for sale. For special orders, she primarily provides cartoon illustrations; however, she does offer digital imagery when needed. Almost all of the digital work she creates is drawn by hand and then scanned into the computer, where it is edited.


For all completed purchases that are canceled, we charge a 50% fee. This is a kill fee and will be taken out of the original total.